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United Nations Security Council

The preeminent organ entrusted with the crucial mandate of preserving international peace and security through its authority to impose sanctions, deploy peacekeeping missions, and undertake collective measures against threats to global stability


About UNSC

The United Nations Security Council stands as the embodiment of global peace and security, a beacon of hope in a world plagued by conflict and injustice. Its fiery purpose burns within. With the power to shape international policies, impose sanctions, and authorize military action, the Security Council stands at the forefront of defending humanity's collective well-being. Its passionate commitment to justice and its unwavering determination to protect the vulnerable make it a force to be reckoned with, tirelessly striving to build a world where peace triumphs over chaos and harmony prevail over discord.

aryaveer singh.png

Aryaveer Singh


As the Director of the UNSC, Aryaveer Singh hopes to put up an exhilarating show at the conference to manifest how SC can bring order to chaos. A sharp and dauntless leader, he is attracted to the aura of intimidation and the spontaneous nature of this committee. Formula 1 and the occasional anime are the only other things apart from MUN that keep him sane, so if you strike up a conversation with him about these, he'll be sure to continue. Described by his friends as "the most active and enthusiastic MUNner".

Even in the face of adversity, he maintains a cheerful demeanor and riveting debates never fail to excite him. According to him, a committee where delegates control the flow is where the debate reaches its pinnacle. Lastly, he always wants his delegates to know that delivering a speech without substance is insignificant, but one without passion is inexcusable.

Anshuraj Pal


Anshuraj Pal is a dynamic and brainy individual with several years of experience in the Indian MUN circuit, having won numerous accolades. With his procedural acumen, delegates, especially first-time MUNners are sure to have a smooth experience. Besides MUN, Anshu, as he prefers to be called, has a flair for economics and the environment. He is also passionate about sports, particularly football, basketball and F1. Watch out for his sports references during committee and the leisure activities for our delegates.

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