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United Nations Human Rights Council

A principal international body focused on promoting and protecting human rights globally through dialogue, cooperation, and addressing human rights violations



The United Nations Human Rights Council oversees a pivotal body focused on promoting and safeguarding human rights. With representation from 47 member states, the committee diligently addresses human rights violations, conducts thorough reviews, and fosters meaningful dialogue. Collaborating closely with other United Nations entities, they strive to heighten awareness, advocate for justice, and endeavor to create a world where the human rights of every individual are respected, protected, and fulfilled.


Shreyansh Majumdar


Shreyansh Majumdar is an exceptionally bright individual with a passion for Model UN almost as big as his passion for law. With over 6 years and 60 MUNs worth of experience under his sleeve, there is no doubt he will guide the delegates to become the best versions of themselves during the mun. Aside from being an authority figure, these performing arts enthusiasts will also ensure that all delegates have the time of their lives during the mun, especially during the various leisure activities we have in store for the delegates.

Ananya Nair


With a passion for environmentalism and sustainable living, she is an active member of OH-Wake and Lonely Whale, where she advocates for transformative policy changes. She has engaged in over 20 prestigious MUNs and has been the youngest chairperson in the history of numerous college circuit MUNs. Join us as we embark on a journey of awareness and impactful change with our passionate Vice-chair.

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