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Economic and Social Council​

A paramount institution dedicated to fostering worldwide economic and social collaboration, with a steadfast commitment to sustainable development and progress



The Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) of the United Nations is a vital and influential organ that plays a pivotal role in advancing global economic and social cooperation. Established in 1945, ECOSOC serves as a central forum for dialogue, deliberation, and coordination among member states, specialized agencies, and other stakeholders. Its primary objective is to promote sustainable development, eradicate poverty, and enhance living standards worldwide. By participating in this committee, delegates gain a deeper understanding of the multifaceted nature of global economic challenges and develop their skills in diplomacy, negotiation, and problem-solving.


Aryaa Banerjee


Aryaa Banerjee is an enthusiastic, determined, and driven individual. His concerning obsession for Indian Politics, current affairs and absolute chaos is what compelled him to do MUNs. Aryaa aspires to utilize all his potential in life and become the best and most successful version of himself. Power, Ecomonics and Stoicism are few of the many topics that intrigue him.
Aryaa wishes you delegates the best of luck and wishes for you all to have a great learning experince and a fun filled weekend


Adhish Chakravorty


With over 50 MUNs under his belt, Adhish Chakravorty has excelled as a delegate, chair, and even secretary general. His all-around capabilities stem from his love of learning and competitive spirit, which makes him a well-researched and formidable MUNner. Furthermore, he possesses expertise in a wide range of fields, from STEM & Business to Economics & Law to Athletics & Sports, but perhaps what is most significant about him is his friendliness, quick & critical thinking, and attention to detail. There is no doubt that he will set the committee ablaze and keep the delegates on their toes as he aims to foster excitement and high-level debate by bringing the best out of everyone.

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