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Finance Team

The Finance Team for the GYS manages the event's finances, including budgeting, fundraising, and financial reporting. Their expertise ensures the conference's financial stability and supports its mission.


Jihan Mankani

As the Co-Head of Finance, Jihan Mankani ensures to oversee and control all financial activities within the MUN. Apart from his  passionate and fun loving nature, he loves a debate and is always ready for brainstorming activities and meaningful conversations. He is really enthusiastic about basketball so u can annoy him by supporting Stephen Curry and trash talking about the Lakers. His favorite music artist is AP Dhillon and cannot resist punjabi music. 

Being an experineced munner himself, he is looking forward to be an active spectator.

Karan Kapadia

Karan, a student entrepreneur from Ashoka University is our co-head for the finance team. His experience with financing 3 TEDx events and 2 fests in the past, combined with his enthusiasm for MUNing and public speaking make him a great addition to our team!

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