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Public Relations

The Public Relations (PR) Team for the GYS manages communication, promotion, and stakeholder relationships. Their strategic approach ensures a positive conference image and attracts participants and sponsors.

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Alisha Azeem

Alisha Azeem strongly believes that diplomacy is not simply an art that should be mastered, but also a prerequisite to meet the challenges of everyday life. Having served various leadership positions and organized various events, she is an asset to every team she's part of. A ferocious debater and an accomplished author, she knows exactly how to bring out the passionate delegate in every person in her committees. She has a unique way with words that leaves you in awe every time she speaks- with her pen, she can stitch hearts and tear propaganda in a switch. Alisha looks forward to hosting an enthusiastic bunch of delegates for the much awaited conference, challenging every single delegate to bring out the best in them while tackling actual world problems at the Global Youth Summit, 2023.

Khanjan Raval

Greetings! I, Khanjan Raval, am thrilled to introduce myself as the dedicated individual behind the Twitter account that keeps you informed, engaged, and inspired.

My journey in the realm of social media and public relations has equipped me with a keen eye for detail and a knack for staying ahead of trends. From the intense debates and fruitful negotiations to the friendships forged and lessons learned, our Twitter account will showcase the transformative power of GYS Model United Nations. Stay connected, engage in enlightening conversations, and let's make our Twitter account a vibrant hub for all things Model United Nations. Together, let's amplify our voices and contribute to a world that embraces diplomacy and the pursuit of a better future for all.


Vidhi Shah

Hi, my name is Vidhi Shah I am studying Humanities, and I have always been interested in networking and public outreach. I look forward to being a part of this team and getting to understand the world of Social Media in depth. 

Eva Joseph

Eva Joseph, a ray of sunshine and happiness, as a lot of her friends would attest, is one of the friendliest, most creative Her ability to look at life with a fresh perspective and to accept others' opinions without compromising her own, make her an excellent team player. When she is not creating her iconic ‘Eva-style’ reels, she is reading books and enthusiastically discussing them with her friends. She brings to the table her previous experience with humanitarian committees 

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Zaina Makani

I'm Zaina, a PR member with a love for public speaking, debating, MUN, films, acting, and drama. I enjoy embracing diverse interests and using my voice to make a positive impact

Aarushi Patel

Aarushi is an ambitious 15 year old who has been a delegate various times and has taken this opportunity to organise her first mun as a pr associate and hopes with the help of her skills acquired from debates,Ted-ed and simply other muns she can make this experience a truly great one for those participating

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