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Tech Team

The Tech Team for the GYS handles the technical aspects of the event, ensuring smooth operation of audiovisual equipment, communication systems, and online platforms including their website. Their expertise guarantees a seamless conference experience for all participants.


Krishhiv Mehra

Technology treated as an art can lead to wonders. Krishhiv is the head of the Tech team and has grown a profound interest in video editing and blockchain over recent years. He will be ready to have a conversation about technology any day of the week, any hour of the day and will make it fun. You will be taken aback by his charismatic and humorous nature.

Veer Saraf

Veer has been a technology enthusiast for years, with his expertise being in the fields of AI and web development. He has a knack for video editing and filmmaking, and his humour is sure to leave you smiling.

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