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All India Political Parties Meet

A significant platform for various political parties in India to engage in dialogue, collaborate, and address pressing national issues



AIPPM is not just a committee, not just a bicameral system of legislature, it is an enigma, filled with the greatest minds, the most radical, world-changing ideas, the most eloquent impoundments, the greatest speeches, the fanciest Indian formals and a very recurring blatant trend of nationalism and patriotism for our motherland, but genuinely, this is what makes India the glorious nation we are today. Personified beautifully by the phrase ‘Unity in Diversity’. GYS’s AIPPM puts you in the shoes (or sandals) of the Indian administrative and governmental warriors who each day in session, fight for the rights, benefits and well-being of the people of India.

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Veer Pratap Singh

Veer, is often described as Vivacious, Witty, and Unflappable. Having proven his orating skills at different International and National competitions by winning awards and accolades there, if you want to strike up a conversation with him, don't worry, just talk about cricket or current affairs(you might spend hours just chatting then).

Veer strongly believes in discipline and hard work, he doesn't let anything slide without giving his 100% to it. Being an avid MUNner since the age of 12, Veer has won several awards and accolades. With his calm demeanor and chill nature, he promises to provide the delegates with a safe environment to perform their best and make GYS the best experience they will ever have. 

Ganeev Singh Anand


Apart from his outstanding orating and dramatic skills for which he has won numerous accolades, one thing that no one can dispute about Ganeev is his unique sense of humour and his witty, fun-loving nature. Being cordial and considerate and with his ever-shining grin, he manages to put everyone around him at ease and is ever ready to help. He had a vivacious, vivid and versatile personality that shakes off your gloom and inspires optimism. He has a novel approach to problems and unwavering determination to achieve his goals. When he forges on the path ahead, he makes sure that no one is left behind and that is what sets him apart from others.

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